Episode 16, Wi-Fi Promiscuity in the ACT

In this show the Ministers get their Geek on after a particularly grueling and sweaty indoor soccer game (sorry if that was more information than you required), and following Richard S’s triumphant return from super top secret business in Canberra, Australia.

Richard S recounts his remarkable feats of free wi-fi divining in the ACT after dodging a cheap deal for mobile broadband from Vodafone, Australia. Richard F apologises to the countless Dutch listeners (and their splendid dykes) for any offense given in the last show due to rubbish LCD monitors from Philips. He also gets mildly excited by the amazing Aquafairy fuel cell that can charge a mobile phone to 50% capacity in 90 minutes…kind of underwhelming.

Richard F gives a big shout out to Simon and The Smart Store, a local Apple reseller in their home town, located on 144 Lambton Quay in their lovely, shiny white store. Check them out!

Download Episode 16: Wi-Fi Promiscuity in the ACT

    • Simon
    • March 22nd, 2011

    I don’t own The Smart Store, I’m merely the 19 y/o sales assistant.

    • Then you’re even more important — because you’re the cheery, smiley one dealing with all the customers!

      Richard F

    • Simon
    • March 22nd, 2011

    Oohhh. You need to print a retraction. NZ does have Uranium. In the South Island. Look it up.

    • Sigh, the podcast fact-checkers haven’t been doing a good job recently! ‘o)

      Richard F
      The Ministry of Geek

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    • Thanks Evinioxia…do you think you could post your comment in English?

      The Ministry of Geek

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