About The Ministry of Geek

Richard F and Richard S are the resident Ministers of Geek. They are hardcore geeks who live and breathe technology, both at work and at home, but mostly in between.

Their fortnightly podcast is a homegrown labour of love that they record from their secret digital lair, somewhere in the sleepy Wellington suburb of Woodridge (where Richard F lives; Richard S commutes). If you’re into ‘tech’, work in the technology industry, or just like geeking out (on gadgets, sci-fi, whatever), then you should check their podcast out…you may be pleasantly surprised!

They keep this blog updated with announcements and updates as episodes of their podcast are released. Unrepentant geeks can subscribe to the podcast directly from their rss feed here; everyone else can just use iTunes from here.

You can contact them via this blog or email them directly on minofgeek@gmail.com.

    • Wonders
    • October 12th, 2010


    interesting podcast. Listening to Episode 6… Ref IronMan 2 and Oracle… this is actually ongoing from IronMan 1 where Oracle used the Marvel comics as a storyboard for the x-grid launch in Wellington in 2008, this was Oracles approach to show the power of Oracle programming. Larry (who apperars in IronMan2) is pretty hot on providing software to media companies for return of credit…

    Something i am interested in, and maybe a topic you may or may not want to talk about, would be the ethical production of technology. Have recently been reading about Foxconn and factoiries in China with 470,000 employees in one complex. I find it amazing how we can have an iPAD machine for $800, but what is the true social and environmental cost? How can we quantify it and maybe even move towards being a more conscious geek buyer?

    Enjoying the podcasts.

    • Thanks Wonders for your feedback — much appreciated.

      I too have been wondering lately about ethical technology and sustainability, so it was great to hear your thoughts and concerns on the topic! (I’m especially worried about Richard S’s carbon footprint given the mounting gadget cadavers in the Gadget Graveyard…)

      Richard F

      The Ministry of Geek

    • Wonders
    • October 12th, 2010

    Link to article, but more interesting is the youtube clip down the page of chinese report on steve jobs… satire is not dead…


  1. I enjoy your show, and yeur akscints. Keep them comeing.

    • Cheers Darth Trader,

      We’re relieved you can understand our broad Kiwi accents and geek speak. If you have trouble, try running us through Google Translate… I personally hope you voted for the ‘light sabre’ in our current online poll, being a Dark Lord of the Sith. Keep listening and tell your friends!

      Richard F

      The Ministry of Geek

        • darth trader
        • January 14th, 2011

        Yes I did indeed vote for the lightsaber. Of course I did.
        and then I tweeted about it, sharing the link with a starwars hashtag hoping to rule the poll. Alas, the Empire was defeated.

        I have two questions I was hoping you could consider on a future podcast as well:

        Why does the HDD start at C:\ and then future discs get recognized as D:\ and then E:\ etc…?
        ( I know the answer, but I thought you could share for the benefit of our younger listeners)

        I was also wondering if you could share more about streaming media.
        My wife has us subscribed to cable TV.
        I think for the same money I could subscribe to something like NETFLIX and watch the shows I want to WHEN I want to.
        But living in australia, I cannot get it.
        What does the Apple TV do?
        could I use I tunes to watch the new series of the IT crowd?
        what are my alternatives?
        I don’t want to spend anymore than what we currently spend on Austar.

        help me please Richards’.

        darth trader

    • Colin M
    • January 14th, 2011

    Hi Richards,

    I have enjoyed your podcasts last year, but I’m now suffering from withdrawal! When do you think you will be getting behind the microphone again?

    Keep geeking!


    • Hi Colin,

      Thanks for listening and glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the show. We had planned to be back online in Jan but due to a few scheduling issues (like extended holidays, unruly children, turmoil in the global markets, etc) we’ve had to postpone…but rest assured we’re coming back in Feb, so hold on for a little longer!

      We’ve been geeking out big time over the break so plenty to talk about upon our return!

      Richard F

      The Ministry of Geek

    • Cameron Findlay
    • March 7th, 2011

    Hey guys…
    Still loving the show, I have been listening since day 01 😛

    Ok, now I do need to mention that I would take a Sonic Screw driver over a Light Sabre…
    Also, I find that the audio spikes from time to time, so if you could balancethat out time to time that would be great.
    I myself have a bit of a foot in the tech world, working at Telstra and we have an “A Tab” and it seems to be pretty good. It is called the Telstra T Touch Tab, and it seems to be an up market version of the one that Richard used… still made by Huai (or however you spell/pronounce that) The best A-Pad that I have used is the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Now I would easily rate that over the current iPad. I am not a big Apple fan, (Windows 7 for me Baby!) but I do have a 3gs Fondle Slab, and a 2009 iMac (go figgure) but as 19ear old… I dont see the appeal of the Mac software, although the hardware is a work of art. So if we could mention more of Android, and Microsoft.. that would be fantastic :P. Anyway enough of my Ramblings 🙂 I love the show, and keep it up.

    Yours Truly
    (Your friend from across the Tasman)

    • Hey thanks Cameron and we’re glad you’re still listening, cheers!

      The A-Pad that Richard S brought to the show was truly a horrible experience. Words simply cannot express how awful it was to use! Honestly.

      We’ll try to keep the content evenly balanced and not much of that sickly Apple goodness ‘o)

      Richard F
      The Ministry of Geek

    • Simon
    • March 7th, 2011

    Much enjoying your podcast. Make sure you pop in to the new Apple reseller, called The Smart Store, at 144 Lambton Quay (where I work), when you are considering upgrading your gear!

    • Thanks for listening Simon.

      Wow, a real Apple reseller, awesome! Richard F will be in to touch the iPad 2 when it comes in, and to have a chat with you. Wellington needs some local Apple reseller diversity so best of luck and we’ll let people know you’re up and running for good measure.

      The Ministry of Geek

        • Simon
        • March 9th, 2011

        Thanks a lot!

        • Simon
        • March 9th, 2011

        Oh and by the way, I couldn’t help noticing that one of you sounds very like Rhys Darby, and the other sounds like Jermaine Clement, both of Flight of the Conchords.

      • Yikes! You’ve found us out.

        Rhys & Jermaine

  2. You lot have Twitter accounts or something?

    • Hi Scott,

      Er, well, we barely do a passable job of reading and replying to email, and these blog comments, so no, we’re not tweeters much. We’ve toyed with a Ministry of Geek Twitter account, but then worry that we’ll have nothing to talk about and you’ll just end up with 50-60 minutes of silence (though some listeners have indicated that would be preferable to the drivel they normally endure…)

      Thanks for listening!

      Richard F
      The Ministry of Geek

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