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Episode 071, Fermi’s Last Paradox

Well, we’ve been away for a while…with no good reason. We make up for it with a longer podcast on numerous non-topics, like World Cup, HD Projection, failing hard-drives and Fermi’s Paradox on the absence of extraterrestrial intelligence.


Download Episode 071: Fermi’s Last Paradox


Episode 70, Opposable Drones

Latest episode of The Ministry of Geek. We talk about celebrity drones, dislocated thumbs and a little Godzilla.

Download Episode 70: Opposable Drones

Oops, we posted Episode 68 incorrectly last month…here it is again

Download Episode 68: Negligee for your iPad 

Episode 69, Vertical

The Ministry of Geek talk about Harrier Jump Jets, more Battleship fanboyism and the naming of next gen fighter jets. And yet another reimagination of Battlestar Galactica.


Download Episode 69: Vertical

Episode 68, Negligee for your iPad

Sorry listeners for the delay in the next episode…held up due to travel and summer.

Download Episode 68: Negligee for your iPad

Episode 67, Dick Smith, Kiwi Icon

The latest episode for your aural edification.

Download Episode 67: Dick Smith, Kiwi Icon

Episode 66, Sonic the Screwdriver

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to The Ministry of Geek listeners!

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