Episode 077, The Geek Awakens

Well, we are back…probably on a monthly schedule as we’re pretty sure we can keep that up given all sorts of things going on in our busy lives, but meet our mutual desire to still geek out and podcast. Hope someone’s still listening…but we’ve always done this for the sheer fun of it, for ourselves, and anyone who wants to listen!

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We’ll be back…sorry for the interruption in service!

Hi listeners…an apology from the two Richards for the big gap in recording and publishing of our podcast… For a variety of personal reasons we’ve been unable to get together for our beloved podcast, but we’re working towards resurrecting our semi-regular podcast in the not-too-distant future, so stay tuned.

The Ministry of Geek

Episode 076, 2015 Edition

Sorry for the delay…here’s our first episode of 2015!

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Episode 75, Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas from the Ministry of Geek for 2015!

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Episode 74, Gadget Mass Grave

Hi, we forgot to post last month’s episode here, but hoping you’re using the RSS feed rather than downloading from here, but in case, posted last month’s and this month’s!

Download Episode 073, It’s Been A Long Time

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Episode 072, Superhero Down

Sorry for the longer than usual delay…we’ve been away.


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Episode 071, Fermi’s Last Paradox

Well, we’ve been away for a while…with no good reason. We make up for it with a longer podcast on numerous non-topics, like World Cup, HD Projection, failing hard-drives and Fermi’s Paradox on the absence of extraterrestrial intelligence.


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