Episode 64, This Podcast Will Self-Destruct

Wow, it’s been too long…but Richard F went to the other side of the planet for work, and got that horrible jet-laginess (kind of like network latency for the human brain). We enjoyed this episode where Richard F reviews the onboard AV entertainment system of Air NZ’s Business Premier class, and the Richards ponder the ‘self-destruct’ mechanism plot device and feel it needs a reality check.

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Episode 63, The Burning

We’re back! Apologies to our listeners for the extended delay…travel to Sydney and other busy reasons. No excuse. This episode we talk about Gravity (even in 3D), we get some serious hate on for Prometheus (Richard F has to relive that horror) and we anticipate 4G. Get your geek back on!

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Episode 62, Nokia Nostalgia

It’s Ministry of Geek-time, pretty much on-time, this time. We discuss Nokia, old and new, Dr Who, Time Lords and even a bit of Blake’s Seven.

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Episode 61, Seismic

The Ministry of Geek was shaken, and stirred, by the recent seismic activity in Wellington. Podcasting post-quake is becoming a habit.

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Episode 60, Apocalypse Cancelled

Quakes can’t stop us, and neither can Royal Babies, nor Kaiju. The Ministry of Geek are geeking out in episode 6-0.

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Episode 59, Prime Time

Sorry listeners, it’s been an unexpected 4 weeks since the last podcast. Please forgive us and enjoy this latest instalment.

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Episode 58, Battleship Down

The Ministry of Geek dive deep into the modern sci-fi classic hit, Battleship, based on the age-old classic board game, Battleship.

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