You didn’t ask for it, but we did it anyway.

Well, we threatened to do it and made good on our threat to unleash another podcast on an unsuspecting global audience!

This episode we talk more geek trash, including the arrival of the iPad in New Zealand, the state of broadband internet and our unbridled thirst for ever-increasing screen real estate. Enjoy.

We’ve now got an rss feed up for this podcast that you can subscribe to here for episodes as we release them. We’ll also be available through Apple’s iTunes under their Podcasts section once we get past the review process. We’ll let you know when that happens…

Download Episode 2: The iPad Cometh

Update: We’re now listed on iTunes! Search for “The Ministry of Geek” and we should appear under Podcasts. Also, you can subscribe to us from here.


Let there be Geek!

Hello, World.

This is The Ministry of Geek’s first post for our inaugural podcast.

The Ministry of Geek is from two crazy geeks (Richard F and Richard S) out of Wellington, New Zealand, geeking out hard and (over) sharing it with the world.

In true Kiwi tradition, we’re starting out rough with a No. 8 wire approach to podcasting so bear with us as we refine the format, content and presentation in the podcasts to come. It can only get better, right?

Download Episode 1: Hello, World.