Episode 46, Black or White

Another 3-week fortnight! Well, we finally got to podcast, and we’re delving deep into hardcore geek issues, like wither the black-slate or white-silver model for the new iPhone 5. Who cares whether iOS maps works or not? Richard F just wants a pretty new smartphone!

Download Episode 46: Black or White

  1. – The Australian Government has banned Huawei from bidding on Government contracts.

    The main concern is the firmware secretly phones home or something. While that is plausible, its also plausible that it could be done in-chip. Its above my pay grade but apparently can be done. We’l never truly know and because of that, they are exercising caution. Or paranoia. Or something.

    – So, Richard S finds a “Made in the USA” handset and its from Sony. It has a handy rootkit installed “for your convenience”. Then there’s the three letter agencies 😛

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