Episode 45, Tools 4 Geeks

The Ministry of Geek reflect on the passing of the great Neil Armstrong, and then move on to other geek concerns, like lack of HD music videos at the local supermarket, Father’s Day purchases and more external speakers. Richard F talks about his latest gadget, the Nokia Speaker 360 which he chose over the Jawbone Big Jambox and the yet to be released HiddenRadio. Thankfully, Richard S approves of the design of Play 360, but not so keen on the Jambox or HiddenRadio. Richard S and Richard F field test Richard S’s Ryobi One+ Xenon spotlamp that is 8x brighter than the Sun! (Well, it felt like it.) We also anticipate the iPhone 5. Richard F wants a white one.

Download Episode 45: Tools 4 Geeks

  1. Nokia 360 … they died when the iPhone came and took their lunch (former N95 owner), then Micro$haft bought them and are progressively destroying them.

    Looks like I’m decking my shed with the Ryobi Deathray torch… amongst other things šŸ˜‰
    According to the PDF manual, it can be replaced but must be taken to a Ryobi service centre. (http://www.ryobi.com.au/Products/ONEplus/Misc/CXN180G)

    • Hi Scott,

      Well, I’m just pleased Nokia got that Play 360 speaker out because it works sweet with my iPhone and Macs via Bluetooth (or cable) and if the new iPhone ever comes out with NFC then it’ll be even sweeter, but not holding my breath.

      The Ryobi Deathray torch (great name, btw!) is NOT a toy; it’s dangerous in the hands of children or small animals (and especially children aiming the torch at small animals…)

      Thanks for listening!

      Richard F
      The Ministry of Geek

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