Episode 37, Super Geek

We’re back! Sorry for the delay good listeners, but life got a bit busier than expected but we finally managed to synchronise our schedules in the space-time continuum and record a good one.

This episode we traverse a bunch of interesting topics including the New Apple TV (bit boring and underwhelming), why LED lighting hasn’t taken off and Richard S provides Richard F with the beginner’s guide to watching Dr Who. We dive deep into the esoteric concerns of what constitutes super heroism, and ask when driverless cars are going to arrive.

Great to be geeking out with you again!

Download Episode 37: Super Geek

  1. Excellent. I’ve been missing you guys. I found myself watching old copies of Flight of the Conchords instead, don’t know why. cheerio from Canberra.

    • Thanks George for hanging on…we finally got our act together and hope you enjoyed our latest ramblings.

      Richard F

      The Ministry of Geek

  2. cheers Richard. The Apple TV feature I like most is airplay. It works the same on all devices for wirelessly sending audio and video to the TV/HiFi. One day there’ll be a way to play AVIs on it hopefully.

    Ripper episode!

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