To the left, to the right

I was playing with my GPS on a recent holiday, trying to understand all of the features. It’s one of this new wave of products that don’t come with manuals. Apple started that trend I believe. Bastards. Anyway, I accidentally found myself in simulation mode. I am not sure what I expected but something along the lines of a high speed summary of the route, with slow-mo of interesting bits. What I got was a real-time playback of my intended journey. I couldn’t think of a single reason for this, and then I thought of Cool Runnings, the classic film about the Jamaica bobsled team. Maybe I was supposed to memorize the approach speeds, degree of bend, and exit speeds. Maybe I could visualize the journey in my head, and reach the pinnacle of driving efficiency. Or…not. Has anyone found this feature useful?

    • Colin
    • February 1st, 2012

    Using a GPS for running (especially off-road), I’ve found the “playback” feature can be good for visualising the route, and reviewing performance after a race. For driving however, I agree there is not much to gained.

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