The Ministry of Geek, Redux

Here at the Ministry of Geek we’ve been doing some pretty serious thinking. It concerns all this new dangled social media, Facebook, Twitter, and the like. This led us to conclude that we needed a revised social media strategy and a shift in our format (not a format shift you understand, although we did consider a shift to vinyl distributed to your door by courier van). This means you’ll be seeing some changes around our podcast starting with blogging. Blogging could really take off, we think. We will be posting short comments on various topics during the inter-podcast period and the we will pick up the most interesting ones and talk about them in the next podcast. Inspired by twitter, we are going to limit ourselves to 144 words (characters is very limiting). More or less. So stay tuned, it could be great. Maybe.

– Richard S.

  1. Blogging, really?? Don’t see it catching on.

    Richard F

    (Just kidding; got your back on this one….)

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