Episode 24, Handsome Men

In this awesome episode we patiently await for Mac OS X 10.7 to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. Actually, Richard S couldn’t really care less and would rather discredit Google+ and the whole social networking phenomenon. Richard F attempts to -1 his way into Google+ and worries that Richard S will decircle/uncircle him in an anti-social networking move.

Richard F suffers from iPhone withdrawal and pines over the end of Man’s quest for space exploration with the final flight of the Space Shuttle. He’s also kind of disappointed in the stagnation of computer design innovation, like this shameless rip-off from Asus. Though, he and Richard S are impressed by the original design craziness of DARWIN Machine.

Richard S wants in on the Star Trek viewing and reviewing action by watching the first 10 minutes of The Enemy Within, with double the Shatner and double the handsomeness.

Download Episode 24: Handsome Men

  1. Great podcast guys. Forgive me, I couldn’t help but giggle like an idiot while hearing Dick describe his deck, and it’s size.http://kiwi6.com/file/ur0l39aox9

    • Hi Matt!

      Thanks for listening and glad you’re enjoying the podcast. That soundbite really does sound a bit dodgey out-of-context! I’m sure Kiwi listeners aren’t confused about what I’m talking about… And, seriously, I’ve got a big deck (out the back of my house!)

      Richard F

      The Ministry of Geek

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