Episode 22, Unplugged

In this episode we get down and dirty with a review of the big platform upgrades that have been all the rage lately, like iOS, OS X and Java. Yes, Java. Seriously.

Richard S provides our lucky listeners with the top 5 features coming soon to a JVM running near you. Can’t wait! Richard F recounts the features in iOS and OS X that he’s most anticipating. No surprises there. Richard F retells a recent Mystery Shopper experience at his local Telecom shop browsing Android and Windows Phone 7 handsets. Both Richards hate on the web Gmail interface.

Richard F closes out the show with another thrilling review of Star Trek, this episode its Where No Man Has Been Before, and he has a thing or two to say about the uniforms.

Download Episode 22: Unplugged

    • Cameron (Al Capacino)
    • August 24th, 2011

    Docker… Dockiee? Please, Us Dr Who fans are referred to “Whovians”,
    oh, and the real reason that the Sonic Screwdriver changed for the new series (With Christopher Eccleston) was to make a commercially successful toys, something iconic. Oh and Chaps… What is your favourite mobile platform? And what is your opinion of Windows Phone 7? I have a HTC Mozart… and I quite like it.

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