Episode 20, Strategically Reserved

In this show we dissect the happenings of Google IO even though Richard S has no interest whatsoever in what Google had to say, but thankfully, Richard F was paying some attention.

The Richards go hands-on with an AR Parrot Drone at their local Dick Smith store and resort, yet again, to reviewing the packaging of this amazing quadricopter.

Richard F gives his in-depth review of The Man Trap, the first Star Trek Original Series episode, and shares some insights into the Trek mythos. He also reflects on some interesting history about Google PageRank, Java and Python and test drives Ubuntu (the Narwhal one).

Finally, Richard S uncovers his secret cache of long discarded gadgets, in a long forgotten graveyard, and shows off the super-crazy (and frankly, rather silly) Pen Link.

Don’t forget to email us your beloved gadgets to minofgeek@gmail.com

Download Episode 20: Strategically Reserved

    • Simon
    • May 21st, 2011

    Current Doctor= Matt Smith.
    You guys should review doctor who as well as star trek.

    • Hi Simon,

      Richard S, our resident Dr Whoy (like Trekkie) seems reluctant to review — says something about my Star Trek reviews being sufficiently dull that he dare not put anymore listeners off! Will bring it up again though…

      Richard F

      The Ministry of Geek

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