Episode 19, Snakes and Regular Expressions

In this installment of your favourite novelty tech podcast, we reach new heights in geek randomness as we discuss Richard S’s recent holidaying experiences on The Gold Coast of Australia. He recounts a tragic story of service failure when trying to voice activate his Vodafone SIM…before resorting to the almighty Web, but triumphs victoriously in piping his iPhone’s meagre 3g wireless internet connection to his iPad via Bluetooth. He also attempts to find his way to Seaworld via Open Street Map.

Richard F wonders why so many Space Shuttle pilots sport facial hair (mustaches)? And he comes to the shocking realisation that William Shatner blatantly overacts as Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek, The Original Series. Richard F is embarking on his own personal mission to revisit all the original series Star Trek episodes in beautiful High Definition — and will recount the best bits for The Ministry of Geek!

Richard F retells his dark tale of programming in Python — and his dilemma of language choice for a task that needed doing; and Richard S weighs in with how he could do it with only two lines of Perl.

Download Episode 19: Snakes and Regular Expressions

  1. Python FTW 😉

    And you are right, the web (StackOverflow in particular) has made learning how to do specific tasks in a language much easier.

  2. One sign of good technology is that you really miss it when it’s not there. The absence of a reversing sensor makes it feel like the car is somehow incomplete.

    This the “Apple Effect” (c)Richard. This was also demonstrated in the podcast in the example of when the screens in the back of the airline seats did not respond to your touch. No touch screen for you!

    In affect, you have been affected by the “Apple Effect”.

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