Episode 18, Thermonuclear Zombie Geeks

Another nail biting episode (for us, not you) finds Richard F continuing his two-part review of the Nintendo 3DS, actually looking inside the box, and reveals whether he bought one. Richard S admits that he might have finally found a use for his Apple TV through the Air Play features of iOS 4.2. Richard F also is greatly saddened from missing Starbuck (in the flesh) and Stargate Universe (in the TV) and Richard S, whilst bewildered (and bemused), does his best to console him.

Richard S admires the electrification of Wellington with the pairing of the Courier Post electric car with a new electric charging station out the back of a conventional petrol station. This leads onto a profound discussion on the future of energy requiring either converting spent nuclear fuel, or Australia, into cheap energy for the world. Science Geek stuff indeed.

We also talk about some random gadgets that Richard F saw in an Air New Zealand inflight magazine, in particular the funky, hip FreeRIder Skate Cycle — too cool for these geeks. Yo.

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Download Episode 18: Thermonuclear Zombie Geeks

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