Episode 17, Spinning around

In this show the Ministers of Geek welcome the brand spanking new Firefox 4 browser to a world bereft of decent browsers… We apologize for missing Earth Hour by continuing to drain the planet of its precious resources. Sorry.

Richard F tries really hard to test out the Nintendo 3DS, but without the benefit of the 3DS. He reviews the packaging box for the 3DS as a consolation. The Ministers talk about reliable file systems (ZFS) and Richard S reveals that he hates any operating system ending with -nix.

Richard F talks about his latest toy, in the form of a remote controlled, gyroscopically stablised micro-helicopter, the totally awesome Syma S107. The Ministers ponder the evolution of radio controlled toys and how to take all the fun out of an impulse buy.

Thanks to all our great listeners. If you haven’t already rated the podcast we’d really appreciate you rating us on iTunes. Also, feel free to leave us feedback on the blog if there are any choice topics you’d like us to tackle.

Download Episode 17: Spinning around

    • hellonearthis
    • April 2nd, 2011

    FYI 17 dec = 10 hex

      • hellonearthis
      • April 2nd, 2011

      And I’m blond as DEC 17 = HEX 11

      • Thank you Hellonearthis for your correction!

        Yet another egregious error of fact by The Ministry of Geek — you’d think it was propaganda, if it were not unintentional! ‘o) And, it wasn’t as if I didn’t have a few DEC-HEX converters handy to fact-check Richard S!

        Richard F

        The Ministry of Geek

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