Episode 11, Natural Born Geeks

In this episode we immerse ourselves in deep Geek Existentialism as we reflect on whether our respective geekiness has been the result of nature or nurture. Richard F tells of his incredible experience as the third member of the ill-fated Apollo 13 crew in the interactive Apollo 13: Mission Control drama currently playing in Wellington, as Richard S trials yet another Google beta solution and offers up his personal data for Google to index for the world (and Wikileaks to leak). We talk about retro arcade gaming and Richard F’s excitement at the forthcoming TRON Legacy.

We disclose the final results of the online poll and consider what the next poll should be…and we debate whether trying to save the planet through sustainable technology is really worth the effort.

Download Episode 11: Natural Born Geeks

  1. Enjoyed the show 🙂 Am left somewhat surprised that Richard (which one?!) has somehow lived to be his ripe old age without being familiar with Tron.

    WTFF? That deserves severance of his geek card.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Thanks Richard,

      And for the record, it’s Richard S who’s seen TRON but is no great fan, whilst I eagerly await seeing TRON Legacy in all its glory to transport me back to my boyhood! I am seriously beginning to question Richard S’s geekhood…

      Richard F

      The Ministry of Geek

  2. Have you seen the sonic screwdriver may become fact!


    I’m enjoying the shows (usually as I sit in traffic in Auckland). Keep it up.

    • Thanks Grant,

      We’re pleased you’re enjoying the podcast — do tell your mates about us!

      I’ll get Richard S to check out the link — I had a quick look and it sounds fascinating. I like the sound of creating ‘mini tornadoes’ with ultrasonic waves. Be a great party trick.

      Richard F

      The Ministry of Geek

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