Episode 10, Binary Geeks

In this show we celebrate our 10th episode of The Ministry of Geek — although Richard F astutely notes that it’s only “2” in binary — as we continue to have a blast recording this podcast for our faithful listeners! We reveal the provisional results of our very first digital poll: Light Sabre versus Sonic Screwdriver, and invite our listeners to keep voting as we hold the poll open until the next show.

Richard S talks about the A-Pad, an unlikely, and seemingly cheap-and-nasty Android-based competitor to the Apple iPad from some unknown Asian gadget maker. This leads to divergent ways of pronouncing the Unix command “sudo” that just highlights the fact that Richard F and Richard S really are from different sides of the Geek tracks.

Richard S retreats from his anti-Apple stance upon hearing that Apple, Oracle and IBM are collaborating on an open JDK for Mac OS X, though his support is short-lived as he retells his continuing issues and problems with his Apple TV.

Richard F anticipates the arrival of LightPeak and decides to forgo USB3, as well as worrying about smudge attacks on his fondle slab. Though, Richard S believes that Muppets are the ultimate smudge defenders. Richard S gives Richard F a lesson in the primary colours that simply proves the inadequacies of the New Zealand education system.

We immerse ourselves in a Geek thought-experiment as we trade our favourite Geek places in the world/Universe to visit. Surprisingly, Richard S doesn’t choose Gallifrey. And finally, this episode’s Gadget Graveyard segment is proudly presented by Richard F with another Sony icon: the Mini Disc.

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    • Jason
    • November 19th, 2010

    Hi Guys,
    Just wanted to help clear up your Red Green Blue Yellow primary colour confusion.

    Red, Yellow and Blue are the considered the primary colours of pigment as they can be combined to make any other colour, but no combination of colours will create them.

    Red, Green and Blue are considered the primary colours of light for the same reason. These three colour lights will combine to form any other colour, but no combination of other lights will create these colours.

    Hope this clears up a little of your confusion.



    • Thanks Jason,

      Appreciate the explanation of primary colours for pigment and light…this seems vaguely familiar to me in my distant memory, but it’s great to be reminded.

      Thanks for listening and we hope you’re enjoying the podcast!

      Richard F

      The Ministry of Geek

  1. You wanted some recommendations on speakers, so here’s a couple to think about 🙂

    JBL Spyro. These are cute little black and silver devices, where the sub is a dome that sits on the desk. Far more artistic than standard speakers. My only complaint with them is that the volume controls don’t work entirely well – they’re touch based, and sometimes you need to hold your mouth right to get them to work. Less of a problem as I just crank them and use the PC to control the volume. Pros, they sound great and have plenty of noise.

    Also, Logitech Z523. These also have plenty of loud, but look more like traditional speakers (albiet piano black).

    Love both sets, the former for their discrete desktop nature and the latter for their slightly better power and quality.

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