Episode 9, Walkman Checkmate

In this episode we bid some fond farewells. We farewell the Sony Walkman and ponder what this means for the future of audio cassette as a media format in a world that doesn’t care about long play or short play. We farewell Moore’s Law whose death has been largely exaggerated (and repeatedly reported for the last five years). This leads us to consider the spritely performance of the arguably under powered new Mac Book Air and wonder whether we really need all those cores Intel keep selling us. We farewell Chess as the pinnacle of AI testing and consider its replacement game with unease (because neither of us can play it). We farewell Open Solaris as Oracle obscures more of Sun’s open-source goodness. We farewell Caprica as we would someone we’d barely met – and were okay with that. This leads to a free and frank discussion on the merits (or otherwise) of Battlestar Galactica. We bid farewell to official Java on the Apple Mac and Richard S deprecates the OS X platform in retaliation.

In other topics Richard F considers the possibility, however faint, that there may have been flaws in the plot of Star Wars. And we revisit the sonic screwdriver versus light sabre debate. Finally, in the gadget graveyard there is something small, white, heavy, and rather upsetting for Richard F.

Download Episode 9: Walkman Checkmate

    • Mike
    • November 5th, 2010

    Apple haven’t stop supporting Java on their platform, they’ve just stopped maintaining and distributing it themselves. It’s still freely available from Sun for use on the Mac….the same way it’s not distributed on Windows and has to be downloaded separately.

    No issue.

    • Hi Mike,

      Yeah, that’s good to know. Between you and me, Richard S is a little precious about his Java, but as you’ve highlighted — it’s all good and nothing for him (or the developer community) to worry about…won’t stop him from whining about Apple though! ‘o)

      Thanks for listening and hope you’re enjoying the podcast.

      Richard F
      The Ministry of Geek

        • Mike
        • November 5th, 2010

        Sure am, keep it up guys – it’s nice to hear some local content 🙂

    • Mark McCafferty
    • November 11th, 2010

    Richards (not to be confused with RichardS),

    Having started late, I have finally caught up with your latest pod, so feel I can now make comments.

    1. Oracle in IronMan2
    Did you notice that Larry Ellison did a cameo somewhere near the beginning of the movie? Product placement gone biological?

    2. Media player
    Run your eyes over the PopcornHour. I have an A-110, but the C-200 and A-200 look very cool. Supports all video/audio formats I have ever tried, skinning software is well supported and within reach of typical geeks. Simple and cheap. AUD$200 for the a-110 plus a SATA drive for local storage if you want, but can pull from lots of other sources.

    3. Electric cars
    Batteries may be redundant sooner than we think: Paint-on lasers! I heard about them on the ABC Science Show here:


    Roads can be paved with photovoltaic lasers and power cars as you drive.

    4. Universal remotes
    Not sure which Logitech remote you used, but pretty sure “cheap” and “poorly made” were used in relation to it. A few of us have Logitech Harmony-1 (around AUD$200, touch-screen etc) and they are absolutely beautiful to use, well balanced, key layout etc. Programming was a breeze. Kids and wife use it generally without issus, which I agree is an important criteria.

    Looking forward to your next show.

    Thanks for listening.


    • Hi Mark,

      Thanks for you comments and hope you’re enjoying the podcast. Great work on catching up…hope it wasn’t too arduous!

      Yes, did see Larry Ellison make his very cheesy cameo. I think you could almost see Robert Downy Jr. cringing at that… For me, that’s almost anti-product placement.

      I have a mate who swears by the Popcorn Hour. He’s got 2xA-200 and loves them. They are impressive, but they haven’t been without their configuration and codec problems for him.

      I’ll get Richard S to check out that crazy car power. He’s our resident motorhead.

      I suspect our Harmony remotes are definitely of the lesser variety…

      Thanks again for listening and do spread the word to your geek mates. We love our Aussie listeners! ‘o)

      Richard F

      The Ministry of Geek

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