Episode 8, Small, Dark, and Handsome

This week the shackles are off and we turn our almost undivided (although by no means in agreement) attention to Apple. We ponder whether the Apple TV’s sudden and dramatic weightloss turned it into a supermodel to rule the IP TV world or will the elegant design of the remote that makes it slide down the back of the sofa kill the otherwise promising device? Richard F relates a heart-felt tale of a daring rescue of an abused and unloved iMac G3. We describe our recent encounter with Android and 3D-TV and wonder whether either of the devices have a future in our lives. Richard S reveals another device from the gadget graveyard and clarifies what he meant when he said Kindle was a 5 star device in the previous episode. Richard F takes a swipe at anti-virus marketing and raises the thorny question of providing tech support for loved ones and hairdressers. And we round out the show with some actual tech news unrelated to Apple.

Download Episode 8: Small, Dark and Handsome

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