Episode 7, Geeks Get NASty

In episode 7 we tally up our cumulative experience over the past 6 episodes as Richard F computes (with excruciating precision) how long until The Ministers of Geek become “Masters of the Podcast”. Richard F responds to episode 6’s Mother-of-all-PCs with an equally pimped-out and revved-up 12-core Mac Pro that is sure to provoke Geek “Shock and Awe”.

We compare our personal backup regimes, beliefs and prejudices as Richard S presents yet another offering to the altar of the Gadget Graveyard (our Sort-of-Regularish segment returning from last episode’s abyss) — ever hopeful of appeasing the fickle Geek Gods. We make some outlandish and unfounded predictions about the explosive growth in personal data storage that one day will necessitate petabyte external drives (and no doubt, USB 3 or better).

We contemplate an extended break away from our secret digital lair by enumerating the select list of gadgets we’d be obliged to pack with us on a Geek Holiday (or, in Richard F’s case, that will fit in his Yoda Backpack). The Ministers check out real-world Augmented Reality through the lenses of military-spec goggles — and this paradoxically segues into an impassioned plea by Richard F to George Lucas (again).

We celebrate the iconic PARC turning 40 and revisit a possible resurgence in the humble mouse. Finally, Richard S shows off his delightful new Amazon Kindle e-reader…how will it score under The Ministry of Geek’s notoriously inscrutable product rating system?

Download Episode 7: Geeks Get NASty

    • Geofffox
    • October 13th, 2010

    Love your podcasts, keep them coming.
    Mac fan %-)

    • Hey thanks Geofffox for the feedback!

      We’re glad to hear you’re enjoying the show and we’ll definitely keep them coming…I think we’re on a roll now! Do let your other geek mates (Mac, Windows, Linux, Open VMWare, BSD Unix, WinPho 7, whatever!) know about us as we’re all about increasing our audience through rabid word of mouth (because, frankly, we’ve got no other means of spreading it!)

      The Ministry of Geek

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