Episode 6, Where We Don’t Talk About Apple (Much)

After more listener feedback suggesting (fairly some might argue) that we talk too much about Apple we turn our attention to another icon of computing design, Dell. Always a leader in cost cutting, and in an age of ever reducing PC prices, we ask how much can you spend on your rig, with a seriously pimped out Alienware Area-51 ALX.

We honour the hundreds of millions of lines of code that have gone into the development of the latest versions of the mobile OS’s by reviewing them all in five minutes, getting particularly excited by Windows Phone 7.

We open the great laptop vs. desktop debate and wonder does your preference make a difference if you’ve got half a dozen devices in total anyway? We trip over the latest in a long line of catchy product names from Oracle with the Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud. And lastly Richard F ponders the great philosophical question…Light Sabre or Sonic Screwdriver.

Sadly this week the Gadget Graveyard feature, the closest thing we have to regular content, was lost in the Space-Time Continuum (which is to say, we ran out of time). Back next episode. Probably.

Download Episode 6: Where We Don’t Talk About Apple (Much)

    • Cameron Findlay
    • September 28th, 2010

    Nice episode chaps, here is a pic with my epic weapon of epic proportions! I love my local “Geek” shop

    (yes it is a real life sonic screwdriver, yes it makes noises, yes it lights up, and yes I made the pic on photo booth; although I do not appreciate macs) anyhoo, you Kiwis are legendary 🙂 thanks for geeking out!

    • Hey thanks Cameron! Thanks for sharing that pic…but alas, couldn’t access it, even after authenticating with Facebook.

      If you can link to a public site outside of Facebook’s walled garden (lovely, as it is) then we’ll be able to see it in all its glory.

      Thanks for listening.

      The Ministry of Geek

    • jb
    • September 28th, 2010

    so instead of talking up apple, you thought youd bag out dell

    • Thanks for listening JB. We’d like to think of it more as an homage to Dell, as Richard S is the original Dellboy!

      The Ministry of Geek

    • TheMacOne
    • October 3rd, 2010

    ROFL, McAfee is as evil as Nortons is 😛

    Did I mention Alienware is an Apple clone in the PC world? 🙂

    Can I suggest not to mention time restraints?

    Love the work guys.

    • Hi TheMacOne,

      Thanks again for your thoughts. We agree — McAfee and Norton are on a par with regards to being evil! Not too sure Richard F can agree that Alienware is a PC Apple clone though! ‘o)

      I guess we’re the typical polite Kiwis(!) so we try not to impose on people’s personal listening time (hence, we’re mindful of overruns) but we’ll work on it…keep hanging in there with us and we’ll get it sorted (eventually).

      The Ministry of Geek

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