Episode 5, Ewoks vs. Dr Who

Episode 5 is now available. In it we caress the Apple Magic Trackpad and ask whether news of the death of the mouse has been overstated. We discuss streaming content to your TV and ponder whether the Apple TV is the answer. Richard F introduces random ratings for items, including iTunes, and gushes again over the Martin Jetpack. We look at the crazy wonders of the it-looks-like-a-crazy-concept-but-actually-its-for-sale-here-in-nz Toshiba Libretto in the hope a listener might buy one and let us play with it.

In the philosophy section we consider the correct relational operator (“implies”, “not implies”, “precludes”) between “Geek” and “Cares that Star Wars will be released on BluRay” – a discussion topic with the potential to alienate most of our listeners. We also wonder whether we too might someday have to add Range Anxiety to our various other anxieties.

Richard S puts in a quick plug for Make IT Work Wellington, a sociable group focusing on trying to make IT live up to expectations (doesn’t it always?!?). If it sounds interesting to you get along to an event. (Best if you actually live in Wellington. Just saying.)

And, of course, we have tinkered with the sound. Again. Thanks for your patience.

Download Episode 5: Ewoks vs. Dr Who

    • Eudaemonion
    • September 11th, 2010

    Is the lack of Album artwork for the podcast deliberate or just an oversight?

  1. Hi Eudaemonion,

    Ah, yes, that would be an oversight on our behalf, and as fate would have it, I only picked that up myself today — so thanks for bringing that our attention also!

    I’ll have that sorted from the next episode with the album art embedded in the mp3 file. Cheers and we hope you enjoy the podcast.

    Richard F

    The Ministry of Geek

    • Cameron Findlay
    • September 14th, 2010

    Hey guys, I just tuned in for ep 4… And you guys are awesome! (even tho you are both kiwis) anyhoo keep up the good work, I love the show, but perhaps don’t talk as much about apple, and next episode can you touch on the wonderful world of jailbroken iPhones 🙂
    Yours in geeking,
    Cameron (in Australia)

    • Hi Cameron,

      Cheers for the feedback — we’re thrilled that you’re enjoying the podcast, despite us being Kiwis! ‘o) I think we’re proving that Kiwis can geek out as good as anyone can. Hey, we’ll try to touch on the world of jailbroken iPhones (though, neither Richard nor I have much experience with hacked iPhones…yet) but this may break our pact to not talk about Apple! Such a dilemma.

      Anyway, keep listening and tell your mates about us. We love all listeners, even the Aussie ones… ‘o)

      Richard F

      The Ministry of Geek

    • Eudaemonion
    • September 14th, 2010

    Hey Guys,

    Loving the podcast so far.

    I’m just wondering if you guys could give us a sneak peek of the next episode at the end of the podcast? Or does the nature of the podcast make this difficult?

    Also, have you guys considered having dedicated segments in the podcast? You guys discussed some of your old tech that’s still lying around in this podcast. Maybe that could become a segment?

    Other than that, keep them coming!

    • Hi Eudaemonion!

      Thank you for your comments — really appreciate the feedback.

      Since we record every two weeks, we use the intervening time between podcasts to think about content and tweak that depending on what happens in the world…so, yeah, we won’t know what we’ll be talking about next episode (and sometimes we have to push topics to the next session due t time constraints). If we design an operational time machine then this could change…

      The ‘Gadget Graveyard’ is likely to be a regular segment. Richard S has a warehouse full of old tech and gizmos that no longer cut the mustard! We’ll think about other segments, but we’re committed on keeping things fresh and interesting (and sometimes unpredictable!)

      Richard F

      The Ministry of Geek

  2. Love the show guys, it’s awesome to have a great tech podcast with a Kiwi spin on it. My only criticism is the volume of Apple content – “mainstream” tech poscasts already overplay Apple news, the world certainly doesn’t need yet another Apple-focused show. I’m only up to episode 3 so apologies if the Apple content has slowed since then.

    At the risk of coming off now as a Microsoft fanboy (Im not) might I suggest for the next episode some Windows Phone 7 news? It was recently announced that the marketplace and Zune pass will be coming to NZ which is exciting. Sorry I can’t supply links right now as I am typing on my iPod.

    • Hi Martin,

      Thanks for the generous feedback — appreciated! We really are enjoying providing a uniquely local Kiwi view on technology at large.

      Regarding the Apple focus, there’s been a rash of high-profile, Apple-related events (like the release of the iPad, iPhone, iPods) that have dominated our proceedings — but we do try to be agnostic and diverse in our topics! (And, our interests are very broad so you’ll definitely hear about them as the show evolves.)

      Bear with us (and tell your friends!) and we’re confident you’ll keep enjoying what we have to talk about (Apple and non-Apple ‘o).

      Richard F

      The Ministry of Geek

    • TheMacOne
    • October 3rd, 2010

    Hi fellas,

    Speaking from one of “those people from over the ditch”, I must admit my amazement on finding this podcast while I was searching for TWiT Network shows and saw you guys.

    Its relaxed, laid back and nice to just listen in to. It sounds like a conversation out loud amongst a group of friends.

    Definition of geek: Liking/loving something technology-related and can explain its technology in technical detail.

    Maybe. 😛

    Keep up the good work fellas and for the record, Star Wars and Dr Who were good but I’m no fanboy. 🙂

    • Hi TheMacOne,

      Thank you for your kind words — we always appreciate the feedback — and we’re pleased to be a pleasant surprise!

      We think our many lunchtime conversations (about equally random geek topics) have probably been the right training for this podcast. We hope you keep listening and enjoying the podcast…and definitely tell some geek friends!

      The Ministry of Geek

    • elcaro
    • October 7th, 2010

    I remember the original Libretto 75 – a VHS cassette sized 75mhz pentium. Had a colleague who had one to support systems and even loaded oracle 7 on it… it was a fantastic little bit of kit – good to see Tosh bring it back to life!!!

    • Hey Elcaro,

      We’re not sure the new Toshiba Libretto is a winner just yet…more novelty and technology oddity (can you run Open VMS on it?) If you end up buying one, let us know, okay?!

      Thanks for listening!

      The Ministry of Geek

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