We’re moving, on a jet-pack

The Ministers of Geek have decided to shift this podcast blog to the WordPress blog-hosting site. The reasons are partly aesthetic (Richard F is a stickler for that kind of thing), but also due to the ease of content creation available through WordPress (such as their very useable iOS apps).

This is just advanced warning of the impending move as we won’t cut-over until after the next podcast is released (in a fortnight’s time). Until then, you can check out the Beta blog here. We’ll update the meta-data on the rss entries for new podcasts to reflect the shift in blog location.

One small downside is that there doesn’t appear to be a ‘Followers’ capability on WordPress, as there is on Blogger — but hopefully this won’t be too big a problem, and you can always subscribe to the rss feed of the blog itself (which WordPress supports on the blog home page).

The Ministry of Geek

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