A snowball’s chance in podcasting…

Dear Ministry of Geek listeners,

Thanks for the generous feedback (through various channels)! We heard what you were saying — even if you couldn’t hear us — regarding audio quality, and we’re pleased to announce that from Episode 4 onwards, you should be hearing a much clearer podcast courtesy of our new Blue Snowball microphone.

It was a small, but valuable, investment that we hope will bring lots of listening pleasure to the podcast faithful. No more muffled speech, no more weird reverb. Just pure, unadulterated audio geekery (compressed down to a low bit-rate, low dynamic range, mono mp3)!

Also, one of our listeners pointed out to us that we’ve popped up under the ‘New and Noteworthy’ section of iTunes, as well as appearing in the ‘Tech News’ section. Very exciting.

Look out for Episode 4 which will be recorded and released late in the week (like, Friday). Thanks for listening.

The Ministry of Geek

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